joi, 10 februarie 2011

It's December?

It's 3am. I can't sleep. So I'm just going to bug all of you :)
We're finally getting into double digits during the day. It's amazing how good 20 degrees feels after dealing with 5 below. Guess I can put the jackets away!
I haven't even begun to decorate for Christmas, now I'm wondering if it's just too late. I did have the lights out and played with them a bit, but as of now they are still sitting on the kitchen counter. Oh, the cats played with them a bit. They are a big help when dealing with lights and garland.

This month so far has felt like a whirlwind, I keep forgetting that it's even December. Quite a few things have changed for me lately, some good/some's kind of a blur.
I've had new people enter my life lately, and I've had some leave too. It's wierd to have such happiness and sadness all in one swoop. Strange emotions to deal with.

I had expected family for Christmas, but that has changed. I usually decorate for me anyway, but with me being the only one here mostly for the holidays, it seems pointless.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not being humbug or anything like that, just not sure if I want to start digging through decorations, just to put them back up in two weeks. Also, this will be Critter's (see photo) first experience with decorations and trees and I'm sure it will be quite the fight to keep everything decorated. He's the nosiest thing I've ever seen.

-I did get Christmas cards out, that was an achievement.
-The berries are thawing now to start making jam.
-I have been taking photos, just need to download.
-Deer hunting season is over (yay) but then it moved right into mountain lion season (ick).
-The pond is frozen solid. Or at least solid enough for Brock to run across it. It's always scary that first time he runs onto the pond. Of course it would be me that would have to try to get him out. And as ya'll know, I'd be alone :)
-Funny thing, all my little Texas cats don't want to go outside now.
-Actually, even the Montana cats don't want to stay outside.

I really really want to see The Chronicles of Narnia! I've heard such great reviews.
Any of you want to build a movie theater near me? I'd be very grateful....

Okay, enough of the meandering babble....
Oh and ya'll do know the previous post is a joke, right?
I haven't worn a bra on my head in years. :)