joi, 10 februarie 2011


Here they are! The best mini-cam photos I could come up with. It was the wierdest little camera. But what do you expect from a $15.00 keychain camera? There was of course no focus, or zoom or anything really resembling a camera. It has 70 photos available on it, but I only took about 10. These were the best from it. It would be a cute gift for a kid maybe. I still want to play with it some more so more to come.

I finally drove my new truck! Only weeks after the purchase. It was really great, such a nice truck. Of course it's out of here tomorrow with the hubs. I'm actually going to be carless, as his truck is in the shop. Normally not a big deal, since I don't leave the house much, but since you guys know I live in the world of Murphy's Law, something is bound to happen.

I found out today that we have gone almost 3 weeks without going over 30 degrees. It's a record. I'd actually like 30 degrees right now, I'm getting tired of feeding horses in 7 degree weather.

We didn't find a tree today :( The tree farm was down to nothing so we decided to search our own property. We do have many many trees, but none quite full enough or strong enough right now to hold ornaments. So, I'm thinking there will be no tree this year. I do plan on pulling out the lights and stockings and stuff anyway.
I also have this great Christmas village I might pull out. It's huge, must have at least 40 pieces to it. Hmmm...I see photo opportunities :)