joi, 10 februarie 2011

Say Cheese

I spent my entire day in Coeur D'alene, Idaho yesterday. We did our usual grocery shopping along with Costco and Home Depot.
Costco and Walmart were just insane with crowds. I love Costco, but I hate when I have to manuever around 50 people who want to try the newest snack that an elderly person is handing out. It was like some kind of buffett line, just moving from one free snack to the next.

Walmart wasn't much better (shocker). I did find something of interest though. While waiting to pay, I found this digital camera key chain. It was about $15.00 and it's not much bigger than a matchbox.

Yes, I bought it :)
Hubs was glad to buy me a camera that he didn't cringe at the price.

Has it's own software and everything. I can't wait to see what kind of pics this thing produces.
That will be my goal today. Well that and getting a tree. We finally decided to go get our tree.
So you will probably see pics of:

*Cats running off with ornaments.
*Dogs eating ornaments.
*Dog chasing cat with garland wrapped around it.
*Cats in tree.
*Dogs stepping on lights and breaking them.
*Me wondering why I decided to decorate.....

Maybe I should make a collage??

(*oh and to all dog and cat owners out there, be very careful with tinsel. They can eat this stuff and get it all twisted in their intestines. It can make them very sick and sometimes has to be removed surgically. I've seen it more than once*)

Okay...I'll be back with the worlds smallest digital photos